Cream Scones with Cinnamon Chips – TWD

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I am just not a fan of scones. This isn’t news to you, I’ve said it before. There are only two other scones recipes on this blog. Scones just aren’t my thing.

I make them and I try and try again thinking that one day I am going to change my mind (like I hoped I would with brussel sprouts, that NEVER happened). Hoping maybe one day I’ll happen upon a recipe or technique that works and gives me scones that I just can’t resist.

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Well, I’ve found it. The recipe is really simple and tasty. I think the magic is in the technique: use nothing but your hands and work quickly but gently. Seriously. That’s it.

You know how lots of recipes say ‘a little unmixed flour is ok’ …well, turns out that it IS ok. Just grab a paper towel and set it next to your sink (trust me on this), mix the flour and sqeeze/rub the butter until it is pebbly, add the cream and WITH YOUR HANDS (not a spoon or spatula or your favorite nifty gadget) swoop under and around no more that 10 times. By then a good portion of the flour should be mixed in. Dump you dough and flour on your counter and knead together no more than 3 times, quickly pat it into a circle, cut and place on your baking sheet.

Your hands are a mess. I know. Turn on your faucet, wash your hands and dry with that paper towel and wipe down your sink handles. Told you that paper towel will come in handy.

You should really listen to me more often.

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So be sure to listen when I say these scones are AMAZING. And made even better with a mix in (dried fruit, chocolate, or cinnamon chips).

I am happy to say that I LOVE these scones. I am professing my undying love to these scones. Want proof? I ate TWO of these fresh out of the oven. TWO. I don’t think I’ve ever so much as finished a scone before.

Thank goodness I fell upon this easy technique that changed by scone-y life. If only my hips would thank me…

For this amazing recipe, head on over to Cafe Lynnylu (or click here)

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2 thoughts on “Cream Scones with Cinnamon Chips – TWD

  1. Your scones look beautiful. I’m still working a bit on my technique as mine never rise that much. I love cinnamon chips and I’m sure those were great in these.

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