SMS – Fluffy Coconut Cake with Passion Fruit Filling

10-20-08 106 copy

I’ve been wicked short on time as of late. I’m surprised that I even got at least SOME of this recipe under my belt before my proverbial plate filled up.

And as you guessed it, I’m short on time now… so I won’t keep you too long!

I was under the impression that this cake was a coconut cake. I was finished mixing the batter when I realized that there was not coconut, well, ANYTHING! Thinking I’d missed a step, I re-read the recipe and saw that it was the frosting that was coco-nutty.

Ehhhh no thanks.

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So to save on time (and sanity) I quartered the recipe, made them cake into cupcakes, cut a hole on top to fill with apricot jam and topped with cream cheese frosting.

The cake was indeed fluffy and tasty (extra vanilla-ish because I used vanilla soy milk in place of the regular milk) but I’m not much of a frosting person so I ate them plain.

For the recipe for the cake, filling and frosting… head on over to Karen’s blog, Karen of Karen’s Cookies Cakes & More.

Up next week: Peanut Brittle.

10-20-08 105 copy


12 thoughts on “SMS – Fluffy Coconut Cake with Passion Fruit Filling

  1. Those cupcakes look so pretty. How wonderful it would be to bite into them with that apricot jam running through the middles. Delicious combination.

  2. I see you found the liners! They look terrific 🙂 Where did you end up getting them? We already discussed the cake yesterday so I won’t ramble on about how much I liked it, instead I’ll just tell you yours sound great with the combination of flavors you used. I will be making this recipe again soon!

    • I actually ended up getting them from Williams-Sonoma. They came in a pack of 5 colors, 80-ish liners I think(?) for around $6.50 not to shabby. Plus I could try out ALL of the colors without having to dedicate money to buying 5 separate sets. Win-win!

  3. i know, isn’t that weird that melissa calls this coconut cake?!?!

    love those cupcake liners…you’re the 2nd baker i’ve seen use those this week 🙂 sooo cute

  4. We used the same cupcake liners! Genius idea to sub the filling with apricot jam. I especially like the little swirl of jam on the frosting – so pretty!

  5. Good to *meet* you!! thanks for stopping by so that I could come back here and see some serious sweetnuss. I’m all about the coconut! Brother just got married and the baker made some awesome chocolate and coconut cake and cupcakes!

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